Course content

  • You learn to bring yourself into a deep state of deep relaxation and concentration, so that you can apply it directly during birth. This way your body will produce endorphins (a natural painkiller) in your body, which reduces the pain experience.
  • You learn to eliminate fear, so that the stress hormone adrenalin also disappears. Adrenalin aggravates the pain experience because the muscles tighten.
  • You gain insight into the functioning of your body during birth and how you can support your body with your positive mindset.
  • You receive nutritional and exercise advice.
  • Your (birth) partner will be taught to apply "light touch massage" to you. This also makes endorphins thus the pain experience will be less.
  • You will learn to trust your own knowledge and ability, allowing you to enter your birth confidently.
  • We make / discuss your birth plan.

Course and costs:

Because quality comes first, the course is given in a small group.

The English course costs € 495,- per parent pair in a group course, including all course material.

The course is given in 4-5 meetings located in Amsterdam West. As I work with shifts as a midwife, we plan the dates well in advance through so that it suits everyone. The course fee, if applicable to you, can be declared by submitting the invoice to your health insurance company.

If you are about 37 weeks pregnant I will call you to ask how you are and if extra information is needed, so that you can enter the birth of your baby well prepared and full of confidence.