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The birth of your child is a unique life event and causes an imprint for the rest of your and your baby’s life. "Well begun is half done " or in other words; good preparation for birth is very important.

What’s extremely important during labour is that you can relax and focus on your breathing. During the course I will teach you deep relaxation-, visualization and breathing techniques.

It is important that body and mind are in balance with each other and free of stress. If a mother is physically, emotionally and mentally relaxed and self-confidence this has a positive effect on the experience and the progress of the delivery. If you are tensed, this can stop further dilation and your body will produce the stress hormone adrenalin which aggravates the pain experience. During the hypnobirthing course you also learn to make any possible fear disappear.

The term ‘hypnosis’ perhaps sounds a bit odd to some people. However, hypnosis means: "psychological state of intensified concentrated consciousness, accompanied by a reduction in general attention and an increase in suggestibility, but with the maintenance of one's own will." This clearly reflects the strength of the course.

The relaxation-, breathing-, and visualization techniques you learn, are of great importance for a beautiful, relaxed birth experience.

The hypnobirthing techniques will make it possible to achieve immediate relaxation and to maintain being relaxed for as long as you want during birth. You will see, hear and practice these techniques during the course. The support of your birth partner is of great importance here; he/she will have an important and active role during labour. The “light touch massage” which is being taught to him/her will ensure that your body produces endorphins, which reduces the pain experience. Furthermore, you will receive a lot of information about the delivery during the course, so you are fully prepared for giving birth with full self-confidence. For your child it is essential to be born as relaxed as possible.

You will learn special relaxation techniques that will enable you to work together with your baby and body during birth. It is essential to practice these techniques at home, so that your body and mind become conditioned and you can apply them properly during birth.