Breech birth

Breech session

Is your child in trouble and let the baby run with a external version? To keep the rotation as good as possible with an external version To succeed it is important that you can relax well. During the breech session I teach you, in particular, how to optimize your abdominal muscles relaxed so that the version also hurts much less.

I will then teach you a breathing technique for deep relaxation can reach during the release, and will have a special HypnoBirthing do a breech exercise with you in preparation for the version. This increases the chance of the smoothest possible rotation for you and your baby.

From the moment you know that you will go an external version , you can contact me so that we have the maximum time to prepare you for this.

We go together during an individual session of 1 hour at your home to work. The following is covered:

• Knowledge about your body and the version
• Relaxation and breathing exercises to relax your abdomen
• A special HypnoBirthing stop exercise in preparation for the version 

(we also record this on your smartphone so that you can use it to practise)

The costs for this course are 150 euros.